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Uroa - Tilted sinks and Russian hotel..

Updated: Jan 20

Day 3.

Guess what - still no bag! Hahah BUT they tried to deliver it - but they just went to the wrong hotel so the bag is back at the airport and my driver will pick it up and come and deliver it to me tomorrow morning instead! Hahaha I can't even explain how much I want that bag right now! LESSON LEARNED - Always pack more clothes in my hand luggage in the future! Or just always travel with hand luggage and nothing else, that could also work! 

Anyhow , I’ve left my amazing luxury villa, change location 1h north to Uroa and let's say its a different standard on this hotel. From personal butler to tilted sink and no shower curtains - I love the contrasts! It feels like this will be a very calm place and I think I need to take advantage of that to do some work and maybe plan a trip in with the guys from the flight or alone, because just staying here will probably get me bored, but let's see - I just arrived...

I just decided that I will go back to Paje after this hotel though, because I really feel I need some more time there and I have 2 nights between two hotel collaborations so I will go there and enjoy the place more.

So at this hotel I'm at now I will also do a few photos and videos for but not too much of work so that's nice. Hotel instagram can be found here!

Just to continue this topic about travelling alone and thoughts about it. Yes - sometimes it’s amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything and other days I do wish I could share it with someone but it’s like everything in life, you have the pro's and con's and I actually choose to do it, I don't HAVE to but I just don't want to miss out on the things I dream of doing because I'm depending on other peoples company. I need to fullfil my dreams and sometimes other people will align with them but sometimes not, and thats okey. As long as I keep doing what makes me happy and brings me life.

Time for an early night, dinner was a very expensive buffet with all including garlic so they had to make a special tuna and rice dish for me so that was very much appreciated! Fresh, healthy and garlic free! My luggage includes 1kg of protein powder and I’m very happy I packed that in because here its a lot of bread and rice and I'm chasing my meat, haha!  I've realised it's only me and people from Russia and Poland at this hotel so thats a fun mix, haha! One guy even started talking russian with me and was so surprised I didn't understand because he thought I looked Russian - never heard that one before!

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