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Spice farm, Stone town & getting drunk at a luxury restaurant - Jail???

Day 19.

Full speed in Nungwi of exploring, editing and enjoying and actually being offline. Not really because I wanted to but because the internet at the hotel didn’t really work.. Crazy how much my life is online, even if I'm not on social media I still need internet for my editing most of the time so it can sure be a challenge sometimes. 

Well.. I’m leaving Nungwi happy and satisfied, Im really happy I went up here because I wasn’t really planning it at first but now I'm happy I got to see it. Very beautiful place but too touristic for my taste and to0 much parties going on. 

Left early yesterday to head down to stone town for my last night in Zanzibar (for now) and on the way down we stoped for a tour on a spice farm and let’s say that was both interesting, fun and not in my area at the same time.. As you all know, im not really a master in the kitchen but EAT I can do and they had lots of fruits and it was very interesting to hear what fruits, vegetables and spices they use for all kinds of injuries, medicines and healing medicine for plenty of different reasons. 

Very interesting.

How it looks like when they use spices as makeup and putting it on me!

So from spice farm in to city life for making a video in stone town and then of to a fancy dinner and lets say in the city - everyone is surprised im travelling alone. The hotel at check in, the staff at the restaurant and just everyone I meet. My standard reply is always “yes! Its just me, myself and I” and they laugh! 

Well.. on the restaurant I understand because it was a tasting menu of 5 courses and a true date night place. Food was good but honestly these dinners just make me more hungry because its tiny portions and its a 5 hours long dinner, lots of waiting and I manage to get 2 glasses of wine in me (got my self drunk on that roof top terrace). Luckily one of the guys fro the reception walked me back to my hotel cus I had NO IDEA how to find my hotel again in the dark, in the city with all the small streets, it was like a mace in their and no cars can drive there so forget about taxi!

Well I mad it safe and sound and now im at the airport waiting for my flight to Arusha (north of Tanzania) and I had to really flirt my way in to this one with all my luggage… They wanted e to check in the camera backpack and pay for that but here I am, bringing both my backpacks on to a tiny flight and I know they wont even fit on the shelfs but thats a problem to solve when im on the plane - maybe I can just go to the cock pit with the pilots! 

I've also realised I'm behind a lot with the editing so I will actually create photo albums on my websites so I have all of the photos in one place and also easier for the people I've taken photos of, to go and see them. So one photo bomb at the time will have to come up and it will be nice memory for me as well to have it all there :)

And oh yes… on the way here I did something in the taxi that could have put me in jail! Crazy!! 

It was around 8 police cars that was “escorting” the president of Zanzibar and I brought my camera up and wanted to have that beautiful parade on video my my driver went crazy and stopped me. Apparently if you film the police, the military or the president they throw you in jail with no questions allowed, its highly illegal - good to know Amanda - good to know! 

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