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Nungwi - shopping, horses and tourists...

What a day! Crazy storm in the early mornings and I couldn't o back to sleep after 4.30am so I managed to actually book my flights home! I leave Zanzibar on the 12th och will be landing back home in Mallorca on the 13th. Managed to find good flights with not so many and long stopovers this tie, a lot more expensive but worth it (850€)

Before leaving Flame tree hotel I went for a looooooong walk with my neighbour Lena (the german girl) and we ended up doing more than 7km on the beach, in the village, some shopping, talking to locals and having a really nice time and then it was time for me to head to the new hotel and the view from my room this time is also just WOW! The terrace is overlooking the beach, I had horses walking outside and I will fall asleep to the sound of the waves. I really need the ocean close in my life, something special happens to me when im this close to it <3 Maybe thats why I love living in the van back home, because I can make sure I have that every day.

I tried to chase down some locals to get out on a sunset cruise but might have found for tomorrow instead, os lets see how the weather is. The normal cruises that the hotel and others are organising is just full of other people and/or a party boat and i don't want that.

This are (nungwi) Is a lot more touristic and a lot more party so I wouln't like to be here for too long but for a few days - I love it! Tonights it's even full moon party here on a beach 10 min away but I couldn't even be bothered. The party girl has really left me and I feel - once you've done that in Thailand - you've done it. Im very happy for all my travels and parties when I was younger, and now I can value peace and calm. Still like to have some buzz around but not too busy and I want to have the options, so so far, Paje is still the favourite area for me with that perfect combo.

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