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Kilimanjaro, orphanage and markets

Day 23.

I’ve lost track of days now and the past days has been so busy but really amazing! 

Right now I’m doing a week of activities with a Swedish company - Nalini tours, and it’s just wow! Im use to plan everything alone and I forgot how nice it is to have someone else doing that for me and just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride! 

Days has been full of fun, lots of photos and videos has been taken, no wifi and very early mornings ans it’s really amazing! 

Day 1 I went for a city tour in Moshi with my guide Ibrahim. We went with a tiny tuctuc, visited the market, tried local foods and had coffee with the locals which I think was the best part. This was not in a normal coffee shop, this was on the streets outside someone’s house and I just watched people. The locals do this to network, to meet new people and to do business and it was amazing to see how it all happend. 

After the local market we went to an orphanage and on the way we stopped so I could buy rice and bring to them because I knew they needed that so that felt amazing to bring a 25kg bag of rice. 

This orphanage is owned by a couple and they have it in their own house. They have opened up their own home for 23 children now and ALL of them comes from sexual abuse and that hurt so much to hear. It was one little girl named Angle that really stole my heart. She didn’t leave my side and she is only just over 2 years and I honestly would love to bring this girl home. I asked if it is possible to adopt directly from them and it actually is, but no, I can not do it now in my life but it was nice to know and I will try to find other ways I can help these kids. Maybe start a fundraising on social media or something. 

Really grateful I got to meet this family and these kids and it makes me appreciate the life I grew up in even more ❤️ 

Day 2 I had a visit up in a village called Materuni which is the last village before Kilimanjaro and here we had two stops. First one was a hike to a 90m long waterfall that was so beautiful and you can really feel the power of nature. After that we went in to the village to a small, local coffee plantation and this was my favourite! 

First we got a local lunch starting with a banana (!) soup and then some meet and rice. I was very surprised but that soup was amazing and apparently here everything is about the bananas 😂 they also make local banana beer and even wine (haven’t tried that yet).

After lunch it was time to make some coffee, and I’m really talking about MAKING the coffee. From beans to cup. BY HAND. I got to learn how they clean and peel the beans and then I got to roast it by hand while the locals did their traditional coffee ritual with singing at the same time. It was an amazing experience and it was a really good cup of coffee ☕️ 

Back at hostel (we travel hostel) in the evenings I’ve really been going to bed early and just been taken some time to edit a few photos. 

Day 3 

Was Kilimanjaro day! It’s crazy to say that I’ve hiked in Kilimanjaro even tho I didn’t go to the top (that takes 6-9 days) but a day trip was good enough for me. I like hiking sometimes but it’s actually not on my biggest wish list and I don’t even know if I would like to go to the top. Of course that would be a cool thing to say I’ve done and ticked off the list but nah, it’s not really calling me that much. 

But it was a long day up and down that hike and then transport back and forth and I was absolutely exhausted after. I was supposed to go for dinner with some guys from the hostel but I could manage, I just wanted to watch a movie and sleep early, so I did. 

So we hiked up to first base of where people sleep when hiking to whole mountain which is almost at 2800m above sea level but then we took an extra hike up to another liten view point and a crater and that was amazing. On the way up I saw some monkeys and a very cool little animal in the trees called tree trekkers(?) and they look very similar to the famous quakkas in western Australia. 

Overall this hike was around 24km (16 back and forth to first base) and apparently I was a very fast walker… we made it up in 3 hours (normal is 4) and then down 1,5 hours (normal is 2-2,5) and then we even stopped for photos and videos, I like walking fast but let’s just say I can feel that hike in my legs today! 

Now I’m in the car on a 4 hour drive toward the safari areas and I have some more walking coming up. First starting with a 2 hour walking safari and then followed by a jeep safari and I’m really excited about this, we’ve already spotted while zebras just from the roads and tonight I will also sleep in a tented lodge so you can hear the animals during night! 

So excited!


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