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3 days of dream Safari!

Day 26.

3 days of safaris has come to an end and I am speechless.

First safari was in the Tarangire National park and there I started with a walking (!) safari! The feeling of being out in the wild, not protected by a car or anything, only me and my guide was truly amazing. You feel so close to the animals and nature and I would recommend anyone to do this IF they can listen and trust the guide. Because if he says DON'T MOVE , you don't ! you stand still! I was so close to the giraffs and the elephants and it was beautiful!

After walking safari we had a beautiful picnic lunch then followed by a game drive - meaning driving safari and the car we are going in - WOW! I felt like a queen in that car driving around super fast standing up trying to spot the animals. Love these safari cars when you can open the roof like this.

The second day of safari we went down to the ngorongoro crater and that was very special. Sure a lot more touristic and a lot more cars but its always an guarantee to see animals because they are everywhere! Within 15 min of our start we saw lion only 3 meters from the cars and that has been on my dream board for a long time so I was happy like a kid on christmas!

This day was truly amazing and with a lot of lions, zebras, impalas, waterbuck, buffalo, rhino and hippos I would definitely say it was a successful safari!

Third day we only had a short safari in the Lake Manyara park and there we didn't see a lot. The park was beautiful but it was very hard to spot the animals but it was still a very good day and we saw some zebras, buffalos and impalas and a lot of monkeys so im still happy. But the lions has had a magical impact and its a weird feeling seeing them close and one day I will go back here and do the safaris in Serengeti as well!

My first plan was to fly back home to spain after these adventures but I decided to go back to Zanzibar and Paje for 6 night to relax and just be and not do any work and I feel that is well needed! I am completely exhausted after all adventures here (in a very good way) but now i need some sun and relax. I have so much to edit for the company I collaborate with here but I will do that in Mallorca and just enjoy Zanzibar for now!

Waiting for my driver to pick me up now and head to Arusha airport and off we go!

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