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The Rock restaurant, sunset beach and Jambiani tour

Day 13.

Today was adventure day and well needed! 

I went up at 6 am so get some work done (I’m good at this vacation thing..) 

And then my driver picked me up to drive to Jambiani village and the beach because I needed some videos from there for a job. 

Then we went to pick up my friend (one of the guys from the airport earlier) and we went to the rock restaurant for lunch that was on my bucket list to see and it was nice but clearly overpriced and under delivered in the quality of food 😂 but still nice to see and could walk out to tea because the tied was low but we had to go by boat on the way in - loved it! 

Low tied - walk out

High tide - take the boat back

Hair on top on this guy!!

Close to the restaurant but on the other side of the bay there is a famous bar called the sunset bar so I really wanted to check that out so off we went and well…. It lives up to its name but they had an entrance fee of 4 dollars to just get in so if you spend a whole day there and not just 1 hour it’s absolutely worth it. 

It was a bob Marley feeling about the whole place, dans shows, drinks, people dancing and it was a nice vibe for sure! Worth going just chocked over the entrance and the taxi prices here but it’s a once in a lifetime trip so I’m happy to pay it all 😂 

Tomorrow I’m checking out from natural garden hotel and I have a long drive to the north (matemwe) and I’m very excited to explore the north of Zanzibar now for a few days 🤩 

And also need to book my flights home but right now it’s around 1000€ so the question is - wait to hope for cheaper or will they be even more expensive? 

My driver Abdoul!

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