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Private butler and no clothes...

Updated: Jan 17

Day 1.

Not many hours of sleep in Dar es Salaam since I need to catch my flight to Zanzibar but at least i manage to get some simple breakfast and coffee before leaving the hotel.

I went back to the airport in dar es salaam earlier than needed to see if my bag had arrived from Istanbul yet but no. They told me they will deliver it to Zanzibar but who knows how long that will take, haha good thing is that I don't need a lot of clothes here. Let's say boarding the flight from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar sure was interesting with way to many security checks where they only bothered about checking computers, but 1,5l of water was no problem to bring through, haha I love it!

It was very confusing at the gate showing several stops on the same flight number but apparently that is what they do with these small propeller planes, its more like an hop-on-hop-off kind of thing. As soon as you make it out to the runway no one checks your boarding pass so just pick your airplane and hope you end up somewhere nice! Haha! I met a few guys that was also travelling alone and just as confused as me but w all made it to plane and had the seats close so it was a fun group and chats. I just love meeting other travellers! We ended up spending some time together because after boarding was complete, they told us to leave the airplane again because of problems with the airplane haha so here we go.... start all over again.. we had ta walk around the whole airport (luckily its small) and do all security checks again and then back in to waiting room at the gate.

Long story short - we made it eventually and I had my private driver in Zanzibar picking me up - Abdoul! He is the best and he will take me around to all my different hotels and adventures here! First stop - Paje

Hotel: White sand luxury villas and spa

1 hour car ride and just WOW! This hotel is something else! Perfect honeymoon place to be honest, or if you want to spoil yourself alone haha! I got my private villa with my own pool, my own butler and everything included! They instantly took care of the whole bag problem and will try to locate it and keep me updated!

This hotel is a collaboration for me so I'm here to enjoy the place and also do photos and videos for them! I have 2 nights here and it's all to a worth of 3000 dollars!!!! I'm actually very happy and proud of myself for landing this collaboration because this was a dream hotel for me that i found on instagram - Find them here!

Dinner was amazing with live music, amazing typical Tanzanian barbecue buffet, YUM!!

Looking forward to explore the area tomorrow - Paje is famous for its kitesurfing culture and we all know I LOVE the whole surfvibe lifestyle! (even though I don't surf myself, haha!)

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