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Prison Island adventures.

Day 5.

I can’t believe this only day 5 in Africa. Feels like I’ve been travelling for so long but I guess it’s because I was in Sweden for 3 days as well and then 2 days of travelling from there. 

Today was adventure day with the guys from the airport and we all went on a trip to Prison Island. My driver picked us up at 8 am in the morning and then drove us 1,5 hours to the city where a boat waited to take us out to Prison Island! 

It’s a very small island and the prison was used in the 1860's as a prison for rebellious slaves and a coral mine. Later it was beeing used as a quarantine island for yellow fever and other sicknesses and today it's also famous for it's massiv land turtles.

Snorkling is supposed to be great here but we didn’t get time for that and our guide felt like he was rushing our visit a bit so that wasn’t the best but I’m still happy we went and got to see it. I’m not the biggest fan of all these touristic things usually but some of them I still think is good to see to get to know the culture better as well. 

Havn’t been doing my YouTube videos for so long but I’m actually looking forward to edit the ones from this trip, I just had to finish one from this summer first, hahaha! I’ve been poisoning that for waaaay to long now! 

Yesterday I did some photos and videos of this hotel so that is all done and ready to be sent in as soon as I find better wifi and tomorrow it’s time to check out from this place and I’m really excited about my next stop! 

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