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Paje - Kitesurfing paradise

Updated: Jan 17

Day 2.

Bag still hasn’t arrived but with washing my clothes every day I’m aaallllll good!! Hahaha! Today I even went to the gym for the first time in 3 weeks now since I was sick before leaving Mallorca and it felt amazing! 

But let’s start from the start. I woke up to a very wet Zanzibar and it has apparently been raining insane here for the past weeks (not normal this time of the year but a big Tyfon has hit all Africa so of course that my usual luck with the weather) hahaha! 

People keep telling me that they will never travel me with because of bad weather, late flights and lost bags - It's starting to become a thing I feel! But despite all of these things I always have my travels filled with joy, laughs and love and have had my best times! I guess I always try to make the best out of the situation but thinking about it, it's sure interesting when I start my travels. You never know what to expect!  

Started my day today with photoshooting for the villa I'm staying in followed by a beautiful and amazing lunch at the beach. As time goes I could spot more and more kitesurfer coming down so I went back up to the villa and grabbed my camera gear and back to the beach. Wasn’t the best wind so most of them were really far out or just at the Beach waiting but I managed to catch some photos for the day and had the pleasure to meet some amazing people, both travellers, locals and people living here. 

I really love this area, It has the full on surf vibe (kitesurfing) and I love that. Good music playing in the beach bars, people smiling waiting for the perfect wind, everyone saying hello and welcoming new people and straight away felt like home in a way. 

My camera was a good ice breaker for chats because I had my big lens on and people always look at it. The Masais (from the local villages) wanted to see every picture I took and I ended up having some really nice conversations with these people.

At dinner I met this lovely couple travelling with their kids and grandkids and she told me I was very brave for traveling alone. Am I?

I haven’t really thought about it much but I do hear it often and maybe its true, but why? Shouldn’t we all be able to do it? What it is that actually scares people of doing it? Is it safety, is it the fear of being along or not being comfortable with that or why don't people do it? I know i don't HAVE to travel alone, of course I can find people travelling with but I LIKE doing it. Don't take me wrong, I also love travelling with people and hare the journey with others but I meet so much more people when I'm alone and I'm experience things more and in a different way and I can do exactly what I want, when I want and go wherever I feel like - and thats a very nice feeling!

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