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One of my biggest dreams came true today

Day 15.

So from Natural garden hotel in Jambiani I went up north for 1,5 hour drive to a place called Matemwe and WOW on this area! The north seems to be so much more beautiful (how that is possible, I don't know) but also a lot calmer, at least this area. I only had one night at the hotel here in Matemwe so I had to make the most of it and I sure did. On arrival day I went to do some pictures and then I booked in a snorkelling trip for the morning after before checking out and leaving. I've heard that the snorkelling up in the north around Memba island is the best and there is also big chance of seeing dolphins.

Photos from Natural garden hotel

I feel that I ended up with the most amazing guys ever who took me around. I booked a private tour instead of a group one because you always get a different experience and it was also a great way of getting to know the locals. And this day turned in to a memory i will have forever.

We started with going and see if we could find some dolphins and it didn't take long. underwater camera ready, snorkel ready, swim feet on and while the boat is still driving my guide and me jumps of the boat and in to the water where we spot the dolphins. and not only one time, we did this several times and I WAS SWIMMING WITH WILD DOLPHINS!!! I still can not believe this and it's been a dream for very long to do this and i cant even describe the feeling.

One of the times when I jumped in, i saw the dolphin just. underneath me. It turned around and started swimming up towards me, and it was really towards me. So fast and straight on that I actually got a bit scared. I slowly started to swim back just a little bit and he came so close to me, slowed down and it was really like he was looking at me for a second and stoped before he continued swimming. THIS moment i will never forget. Being underwater with them, hearing the amazing sound they make and to see them in the wild like this is just wow. I really can't explain it, but just WOW. One baby dolphin for playing around with its food and it was so fun to see all of this. I am Speechless.

Some of the dolphins on a quick photo and my guide "Zungo" (Whatsapp number ‪+255 712 427 910‬ for me or anyone going in the future! he is the best!)

Im looking forward to go over the camera material and see what i got in there but the best pictures are the ones in my head, nothing can beat that!

Not only got I to do this, we also had a stop outside mnemba Island and then we had a third stop of snorkelling on the reef just outside and everything was just so beautiful and im still speechless. It was a long day and I think we were out for over 5 hours (reception said the tour is 2-3 hours) hahah but we just enjoyed the day. the reception even called my guide to ask if everything was okey because they were wondering where I was because I didn't check out before leaving for the boat!

The hotel in Matemwe - Villa Kiva

From here I went to another hotel 40 min more north called Flame tree cottages and this was a fun experience. They lost my booking so i didn't get a room until 16.30 and then they lost my dinner order but they were so nice and gave me dinner for free after all of that! And the dinner view was so beautiful overlooking the sunset.

Met one german girl who also travels alone at the hotel (my neighbour) and also another german couple at dinner that i might go on another tour with. Love meeting amazing people like this!

Tomorrow Im changing hotel again, it's very intense now but a lot to see am i'm so happy for it all!

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