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Leaving one paradise for another...

Day 8. Over a week has now passed and time is flying! Yesterday I had a day where I went offline, left my phone and just went with the flow. Well… it ended up with me running around with the camera the whole day to capture some shots and I love that. No stress, AMAZING breakfast, another gym session and then easy dinner at the hotel (one of the best burger I’ve ever had)

I took a walk around in Paje village, met some amazing locals, found a cool food court and had kids running and hugging me all the time! It is something really special about this place and I love to walk around where the locals are, where they go shopping and where they all meet, you just feel the culture so much more! Hotel is really in a perfect location (Zula) in the middle of the full action of the beach, close to the village and so beautiful! 

I left Zula around 13 on now I’ve just arrived to my new place and are waiting for check in and this place is just WOW!! It’s an off grid luxury hotel with only 9 villas, the area is really calm and this is the place you to to relax! I will do photos here for 3 days, so they are moving me around to 3 different villas but I will also try to have time to get out on a boat  here because its really amazing an apparently dolphins are very common in this area! I just really hope the weather stays like today! It was the first morning I woke up to a blue sky but looking at the apps it seems to be a grey next 10 days! Photos is just not THAT amazing with a grey sky compared to a blue one, but it's a good thing im good at editing!

Time for check in and do some photos and then I will enjoy the sunset spot here with a glass of wine tonight! 

Weather looks great for upcoming days....

The new hotel ! Will put more pictures up tomorrow .

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