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Last night here in Kizimkazi

Day 10.

Another day of insane rain and wind but I took the opportunity to catch up on some work. I have a lot to do at the moment so its good because I know that when I fly up to the north of Tanzania for the tours and safari's, I will probably have no time for work and not so much internet, so want to take the opportunity before :)

I changed room again today and this one is amazing! Did photos of the room and then when I was done, the sun tried to shine through the clouds and no the rain was gone - quickly I was outside with the drone to catch some photos and videos before sunset and I did! That drone and my camera is a real ice breaker for new conversations. As soon as people see me with the drone they are not scared to talk to me anymore (don't know if i look scary otherwise!?) but today I managed to meet a lot of people from the hotel, both couples and solo travellers and that always gives me good energy.

Because the rain was gone and I havn't done any workout in 2 days now, I needed to try out the little jungle gym they've built here! I absolutely love it and managed to get a good but short workout in before dinner. Oh and speaking of dinner - the food here is amazing and they always serve this typical bread from Tanzania made of rice (!!) and it is amazing! I love it!

Part of the jungle gym

Rice bread, often served with home made hummus :)

Tomorrow i change hotel again and will go to an area called Jambiani, only around 15-20 min away from here.

Hotel im staying at now is located in Kizimkazi and name is Kizikula (website here)

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