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Hit by a storm last night

Day 9.

Writing like this really makes me feel that I’m doing it for for my grandpa, even though he passed away 2 years ago. The first time I went for a long travel experience was when I was around 20 and I went backpacking in Asia and I updated my blog as much as I could when I had internet at the hostels (don’t event know where to find that blog again unfortunatley) What I know is that my grandpa was sitting with a world map open at the kitchen table marking out where I was and followed my trip as he read my posts and it meant so much to me. Because he had problems with hearing, reading for him was a lot better and I know how he followed my blog everyday, so I guess this blog is for you grandpa, even if you are not here to read it <3 

Last night I didn’t sleep anything at all. I was late to bed and we went out of power over here, that of course started to kick back at 3 am, all lights went on and let’s say it was a bright wake up call. Tried to turn the AC higher or even off cus it was so cold but it was broken and could not be adjusted so I was freezing and then at 5 am this insane storm started. It’s really rare that the weather is like this here in January and usually I dont complain about the weather but I do feel it is a little bit sad because I’m also here to build up my own photography portfolio with luxury, exotic hotels and travels and it is just not the same.

Came to breakfast and saw the the whole sundeck at the hotel had been ripped off so all staff was trying to move It back so they could start repairing it, of course I couldn’t just stay and watch so there I was, the only girl jumping in and helping the guys to lift this thing. A few other guys from the breakfast also came to help out so we were a strong team who managed to get that sundeck in place even if the rain was pooring down. This hotel is such a cozy little place and I will show more of the rooms ive stayed in when I’ve been to all of them but its really a calm romantic little oasis this! And yes - of course, its only me and couples here and seems to be a good mix of culture on the guests here which alway makes it more fun :) 

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