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Could this be home?

Day 6.

I’ve found my place here. At least for now, still so much more to explore but this are - Paje, really feels like my place. It was a good decision to come back here and I hope I can get some more hotel collaborations in here as well to end my trip with. 

Checked in to this beautiful hotel today - Zula, and here is vacation for me! Im not here to do any photos or so, but yeah, we all know I will  do that anyway, haha! (Life of a content creator I guess) I went for a little walk around the hotel, had a coffee and then a long well needed call with Kajsa <3 I’ve missed our calls and even though we haven’t lived in the same country for many years now we always manage to stay close and have our walk and talks together and I really appreciate that. For this woman I would do anything <3 She is my rock <3 

After that I ended up in a hammock and had a nap before it was time to find a gym and WOW on this gym! Hahah I could stay here forever just because of that! It’s a whole muscle beach and inside gym with a jungle feeling and I love it. Felt really good to get a good session in and I’m already longing for my session tomorrow! 

And speaking of tomorrow, I will have a day completely offline to just be, do parts of my “kick off questions” and have a day for myself and do what I feel like with no connection to anything. I love my offline days and I really need them in my life. 

I had dinner at the hotel restaurant by the beach but wasn’t to excited about the menu so I think I will go to one of the other ones tomorrow and see what I can find. So far, my diet here has been very clean except for the first days with a lot of bread but now im starting to eat like home or even better. Fun fact - Usually I don’t like tuna and here I have fresh tuna everyday! Hahaha I LOVE IT! 

It's till cloudy here and not much sun and it looks like it's gonna stay like this for the next 10 days at least hahah so I will have a sun free vacation but at least its hot! Some photos from the beach today

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