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Bitten by a spider in Jambiani


12 days? What? I can’t believe that, time flies to fast I feel! I think it is because im moving around so much and only have 3 nights at every place and now I will not even have that from tomorrow on. 

Crazy how much photography collaborations I managed to get and dont get me wrong, im really grateful, happy and proud of it all, but I feel I need some vacation from my vacation soon and to just do nothing.. But yeah, honestly we all know bad i am at doing nothing! Every thing I have planed now until the 6th of feb is very exciting. It will be safaris, schools, travels and a lot more. A lot of filming and taking photos but a lot of fun! 

Yesterday I arrived to the new hotel (natural garden hotel in Jambiani) and I love this place too! Very calm area and its even outside jambiani so tomorrow I will go have a look at that village and see how it is, but hotel is beautiful just by the beach, my room has sea view and its a super cozy and beautiful place. 

Had a really warm welcome to this place and they are so excited to have me here for doing the photos and that feels great. In the last place they had no idea and wanted me to pay for hotel and food which should be for free haha but after waiting a few hours after check out they finally got ahold of the boss who said yes, everything is for free for me. Communication on top sometimes but problem solved, sun is back and tomorrow its time for the village and to visit a very famous restaurant for lunch :D

oh and fun info - I got bitten by a spider yesterday! It was on my towel and I turned around so I guess I squeezed the guy and he got angry but I feel fine and it's only a small little itchy mark so I guess he was not dangerous.

The devil who bit me...

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