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What I do

Passionate About Inspiring Others To Live Life To The Fullest!


Content Creator, Influencer
& Social Media Manager

We all know that social media is the fastest growing marketing tool out there and it's a lot to know and think about. 

No matter if you need help with marketing your products and services with me as an influencer or if you need to learn how to grow your own social media plattforms or even hire a manager for you to do it, I'm here to help! 

I create content in forms of photos & videos, I market and I grow plattforms. Read more to see the programs, media kits and see what I can do to help you 

Online Health &
lifestyle Coach 

Meal & workout plans + monthly coaching 

Setting up goals can be easy, but follow up, reach them and have a clear plan to reach them can be harder. I'm here to guide you and help you to reach your goals and I'm all about promoting a BALANCED lifestyle. Something you can keep doing with or without me for the rest of your life for a healthier, happier and more balanced life both mentally and physically. 


What you get: 

* Individual Meal plans after your needs and requests + recipes 

* Individual workout plans based on your lifestyle and schedule. Can be at home or in a gym.

* Personal coaching sessions 

* Updated meal & workout plans all the time - you change - your plans from me changes too. 

* Follow your results in the app where you also can chat with me 

* Available for your questions 

* Guiding you every step of the way 

Let me be your coach!

Read more and fill in the form to get in touch & get your free consultation.

Wedding coordinator 
& Events 

You know that feeling of just pure happiness when you just feel fullfilled after you've done something for someone else?

Thats how I feel when I get to bring people together in special occasions. For almost 15 years I've organised Wedding and events and even though I travel around the world I make sure to be back in place for my events and these special days. With over 120 weddings done in Sweden I'm still counting and it gets more fun for every year.

Wherever you are, give me heads up if you need any help, online or offline and I can help you to get it all sorted. And let the party begin!

In need of good staff? 

I have everything from the fun and flaring bartender, to the most outgoing and serviceminded waiter/waitrist or why not

get a hold of some really good live music?

I have all the staff and event people you need! 

Contact me for more info. 

älskande par
Looking back at the pictures from this weekend and all I want to say is THANK YOU 🙏💫❣️ I

Speaker & Host/MC

In need of speaker or host for your next event? 

As a speaker I have 2 different topics I talk about;

* Breaking the norm

Dare to go outside your comfort zone, follow your dreams and vision and make sure to live your life to the fullest. Only you can make sure your dreams comes true and sometimes only that is hard to hear. But there are tools to work with your inner power, start dreaming again, realising your own worth and what you are here for. People think I'm never scared when I'm out traveling alone for example, but the truth is - I'm scared A LOT, I just do it anyway! 

* Health.

With over 8 years in the health industry as a personal trainer and nutritional advisor I've helped organisations and companies to simplify the thoughts and actions about health on a daily basis. We make our own health more complicated than it has to be and we down prioritise our selves for what? You only have one of you! 

Host / MC / Toastmadame

Looking for someone to take care of the speaker schedule? Someone who can keep the audience alive for hours and hours between speakers? Or maybe just a toastmadame for your wedding? 

It doesn't matter how good your speakers are at the event, at some point the audience will become more tired and less focused, and they will all be it at different times. Thats why a GOOD host is necessary. Keep that energy up, keep them focused and give them the feeling that listening is important and fun. As a host for 3000 people in english I know the importance of getting an audience together and being present. This is something I love doing! 

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