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Hi and welcome to my website!
If you don't know me already, I'm gonna introduce myself shortly. 

My name is Amanda and in September 2020 I sold everything I had in Sweden (home, furnitures & stuff) and I followed a dream I had been think of for years. I bought a van! Completely empty and I built it in to my home - in only 36 days!  The weather was getting cold in Sweden and I was in a hurry to chase the sun, haha! And so I did! Since then I've traveled around Europe full time in my van discovering different corners of my favourite places but I've found my European home in Mallorca. Thats where you will find me and my van most of the time nowadays, exploring and enjoying this beautiful island. 

In total I've been traveling around the world full time for over 5 years and thanks to internet and social media I can work where ever I am and with whoever I want, from all over the world. How amazing is that? A dream some might say, and for me YES! but it does take a lot of discipline. 


Amanda Berggren

Fulltime traveler, Content creator and business builder

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"Life is too short not to follow your dreams!"

Amanda Berggren

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