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After 8 years of travelling around the world I finally found home - Mallorca! 

I've always lived after the quote "Life is too short to not follow your dreams" and I explore the world with the mission to create smiles wherever I go. For 3,5 years my self built campervan has been my home and it has thought me more than anything in life has so far, but most importantly it has thought me to be present, to enjoy now and that the most beautiful things are usually just infront of us. I still have the van as my base and I work full time as a photographer here in Mallorca. 

My job as a photographer is mostly focused around sports & events but I do all kinds of jobs, and you can read more about my work below. You can also buy my pictures for digital use or for prints to your home.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me here or on my instagram. 


Thank you for finding you way in to my webiste.  

Amanda Berggren

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Elite Media Mallorca 

Do you need a photographer for your next event, restaurant, hotel or maybe your are an athlete? Whatever the occasion - I'm more than happy to help you out! 

At Elite Media Mallorca we do photos, videos, social media management, websites, prints and more. 

"We love to see our product through her lens and how she catches the moments to convert them into beautiful photos. I would highly recommend her & I personally can’t wait to work with her in the future"

"A pleasure to work with, amazing photographer and also adds to the event with her presence and glowing energy.

The pictures are of the highest standard and the turnaround time is always quick which I love!

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Amanda to anyone looking for a photographer here in Mallorca."

"Amanda is a real professional who loves her job and makes the sessions easy, comfortable and very productive. Her work always reflects what we ask for and moreover she shares tips, ideas and involves herself on a very active and creative way"

"She has many amazing qualities but for us as a big company her best one is how easy going she is.  Amanda hasn’t missed a beat. Her pictures are simply exquisite!

Amanda is to date one of our favourite photographers and creators we have worked with"

Buy my pictures

People, places, animals and travel photos. Buy for print for your walls or for digital use

Just me, my thoughts and mostly the daily life during travels.

I've always been writing a lot for myself so this is me letting you take part of it if you want. 

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